Arius Precision Industries Co., Ltd., subsidiary company, owned by Hsiu Fong Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1974.

In 1979, developed the first unit of E.D.M with DC servo motor in Taiwan.
In 1981, developed the first unit of CNC E.D.M in Taiwan.

Taking care of family start with giving them the right tools, world first ultra-light, easy to cut-gardening hedge/grass shears for flowers, grass, hedges, and to make it self-cultivation instead of working. Maintaining the health and beauty of a garden are both important. There are also multifunctional floral tools, minimize the multi-tasking, so you can concentrate in your own floral arts instead of trying to find the tools.

High Quality, highly competitive, Automatic productions to ensure quality and accuracy.
Arius multifunctional tools to specialize in every fields.
Reduce numbers of tools makes work more efficiency.

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